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Lucious Lucina

Starting off the new year, Lucina asked if we would like to shoot her for this site after admiring our work.  We braved the winter weather and headed off to her house for a shoot.  We made the best of what were some challenging lighting conditions it was so dull outside shooting in natural light was nearly impossible.  "I hate winter" exclaimed Lucina, "I get so bored indoors....mind you I get the chance to wrap up in these super soft cardigans and sweaters" said the 26 year old.

Jasmine Joins the Collection Next

21 year old Jasmine decided to try out modelling while over in London from China studying.  We do not have high expectations from models with limited experience, but Jasmine demonstrated why its good to take a chance with models with no or limited experience.  She clearly knew the style our members like.  Needless to say were were overwhelmed with the results as will be our members.  Lots of lovely cute poses wearing a selection of cardigans and sweaters, we had a fantastic shoot.  Pictured below, Jasmine wears a Zara round next brown cardigan.

Bexie’s Second

Delightful 26 year old Bexie returns with her second volume over the next few days.  Not surprisingly we have received lots of lovely comments about her since we uploaded her first volume, she is a member's favourite that is for sure.  In her second Volume Bexie poses seductively in sweaters and cardigans giving members over 320 high resolution zoomable images.  Pure class !

Caribbean Queen

What a cute and lovely young lady. Born in Saint Lucia, now living in London, the diminutive Alishaa's stunning beauty was matched with a charming personality. "There seems to be such anger in the world, I try and be positive and polite and smile and laugh, I just hope that when people see me smile it cheers them up too".  Relatively new to modelling, Alishaa posed beautifully with intuition: she certainly knows what our members appreciate. When she is not modelling, Alishaa is an avid book worm"once I start I can't seem to put a book down" the 26 year old told us.  Alishaa's first Volume with over 290 high resolution zoomable images will be uploaded later this week.


A Retro Look

Wearing a variety of cardigans, this time under studio lights, Artemis will bedazzle our members with cocktail of graceful elegance and sensuality in her second Volume.  Using our lighting carefully we tried to give this shoot a bit of a retro 1980's feel with some rim lighting and by combining this with a honeycombe grid, gave Artemis some beautiful lighting to her hair and the garments.  You don't get as much lattitude working under studio lights, so it does slow shoots down trying to get thoese perfect shots.  However 26 year old Atremis strived for perfection as demonstrated in the shot below, this one took 3 or 4 attempts to get the lighting just right, but it paid off.  Members will have access to over 260 carefully crafted images later this week.

Millie Brings Up New Home Page Front Row

Look out for Millie later this week.  The beautiful blonde's first volume will join the collection adding another 200 images to the 30,000 available to our members.  In her first Volume Millie tries out the cropped Baby Pink, Blue and Purple Cardigans and a Polo neck Yellow sweater all set off nicely with pearls...pure class!

A Shoot with Chiara

We have just returned from another productive shoot, this time with the lovely Chiara.  We had been wanting to shoot with her for a few years.  Finally diaries, location and other logistics all worked in our favour.  Chiara spends time doing yoga, painting and photography and describes herself as a feminist and a spiritualist.  We would like to think we captured the 31 year olds' free spirit in our 4 hour shoot.  Utterly delightful and talented....what a way to spend a lazy sunny autumn morning.

Wow…Ayla !

Ayla simply took our breath away.  We completed a lovely long shoot with her earlier this week after she approached us.    "I just love the style of your work, it really suits my style too so I had to get in touch with you".  Ayla worked hard through the shoot which will give our members the benefit of lots of images.  When she is not modelling Ayla loves to dance.  A trained gymnast too, the 25 year old used her skills to strike some truly wonderful poses for us.  Ayla will join the collection in 2019.  A taster for things to come, Ayla wears a cropped cashmere French Connection Cashmere cardigan with her own perfectly matched lingerie.

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