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Monthly Archives: January 2019

Lucious Lucina

Starting off the new year, Lucina asked if we would like to shoot her for this site after admiring our work.  We braved the winter weather and headed off to her house for a shoot.  We made the best of what were some challenging lighting conditions it was so dull outside shooting in natural light was nearly impossible.  "I hate winter" exclaimed Lucina, "I get so bored indoors....mind you I get the chance to wrap up in these super soft cardigans and sweaters" said the 26 year old.

Jasmine Joins the Collection Next

21 year old Jasmine decided to try out modelling while over in London from China studying.  We do not have high expectations from models with limited experience, but Jasmine demonstrated why its good to take a chance with models with no or limited experience.  She clearly knew the style our members like.  Needless to say were were overwhelmed with the results as will be our members.  Lots of lovely cute poses wearing a selection of cardigans and sweaters, we had a fantastic shoot.  Pictured below, Jasmine wears a Zara round next brown cardigan.