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Monthly Archives: October 2018

Millie Brings Up New Home Page Front Row

Look out for Millie later this week.  The beautiful blonde's first volume will join the collection adding another 200 images to the 30,000 available to our members.  In her first Volume Millie tries out the cropped Baby Pink, Blue and Purple Cardigans and a Polo neck Yellow sweater all set off nicely with pearls...pure class!

A Shoot with Chiara

We have just returned from another productive shoot, this time with the lovely Chiara.  We had been wanting to shoot with her for a few years.  Finally diaries, location and other logistics all worked in our favour.  Chiara spends time doing yoga, painting and photography and describes herself as a feminist and a spiritualist.  We would like to think we captured the 31 year olds' free spirit in our 4 hour shoot.  Utterly delightful and talented....what a way to spend a lazy sunny autumn morning.