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Monthly Archives: September 2018

Wow…Ayla !

Ayla simply took our breath away.  We completed a lovely long shoot with her earlier this week after she approached us.    "I just love the style of your work, it really suits my style too so I had to get in touch with you".  Ayla worked hard through the shoot which will give our members the benefit of lots of images.  When she is not modelling Ayla loves to dance.  A trained gymnast too, the 25 year old used her skills to strike some truly wonderful poses for us.  Ayla will join the collection in 2019.  A taster for things to come, Ayla wears a cropped cashmere French Connection Cashmere cardigan with her own perfectly matched lingerie.

Our 30,000th Image – Thanks Nicky !

Nicky's first volume takes our tally to over 30,000 images.  The 5'11" beauty wore a variety of cardigans and sweaters through a long but relaxed shoot.  With mixed varying natural light, the hues and tones of the garments subtly changed during the shoot, we have left them as we shot them allowing our members to choose which ones they prefer.  Over 290 images will be uploaded later this week.