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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Rhi: Soft, Sensual…..and Sexy

Rhi brings you the 24,000th image to the site.  The 26 year old petite brunette loves pole dancing and yoga, the results are very obvious.  All wrapped up in Cashmere polo necks and fully V neck Angora sweaters,  Rhi epitomises understated soft and sensual sexiness.  Rhi will be uploaded later this week, all  400 + images of her.

Ravishing Rachelle

We followed our duo shoot with Artemis with a hastily arranged solo shoot with Rachelle, our 60th model here at Cashmere Cuties.  Rachelle will start a new row of highly talented models on our home page.  Members will have access to over 280 high resolution, zoomable images of her wearing a variety of cardigans and jumpers later this week.  Welcome Rachelle !

Top of The Charts

The most popular model visited in April was Distania.  Whilst we upload models regularly, its always a pleasant surprise to see our more established and early models remaining a popular choice.  Our first shoot with Distania gave us inspiation for this site.  Pictured below, Distania wears an Angora wool mix cardigan from Benetton.  Members have access to over 1,200 high resolution images of Distania in 3 volumes.