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Monthly Archives: Feb 2017

Charley’s Out in Front !

Look out for Charley, you are in for a real treat. Over 300 high resolution, zoomable images of this legendary brunette will be uploaded at the end of this week.  The 30 year old, 34 F cup is guaranteed to be a members favourite.  Pictured below, charley wears a green Angora cardigan and a blue Cashmere cardigan.  In her first volume she also wears a lovely white sweaterdress, cashmere poloneck sweater and red v- neck cardigan.   If you are not a member, why not join up and see images like to ones below ?


Noemi’s Second Volume

For these who love their layers, you are in for a nice surprise !.  Noemi's second volume will be uploaded later this week, we had a few spare days and put them to good use, bringing forward the publication of this beauty.  The elegant and equally graceful  5'10" tall, 24 year old from Budapest has graced may publications including the Pirelli calendar so we are very privileged to have her on our site.  Over 250 high resolution images will be available to our members. Pictured below, Noemi wears a beige Cashmere sweaterdress and a cream Angora Benetton cardigan....pure class !