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Monthly Archives: Jan 2017

Lovely Lola

Joining us later this week Lola is credited with bringing you our 22,000th image.   Lovely looks and her crazy sense of humour helped us through a technically challenging shoot as one of our lights crackled and blew up causing Lola to jump out of her skin !.  Fanning the smoke away, we managed to complete the shoot with one light.  Lola is pictured below in a striking purple Angora cropped jumper.  Members will have access to over 290 high resolution images.



Adorable Amy

We kicked off 2017 with a bang; a truly fantastic shoot with the lovely Amy Rose.  We are not sure what makes Yorkshire such a haven for beautiful talented models, following on from Kayla and Tillie...perhaps it's the water? Our session with Amy was one great long purple patch of a shoot. Pictured below, the copper cashmere polo neck sweater compliments her hair colour perfectly.