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Monthly Archives: Sep 2016

Distania Volume 3


One from the archives !.  Members have the strikingly attractive Distania to thank for this website as it was the shoot with her that gave us the inspiration. Listing collecting high end lingerie as one of her hobbies, she bought a selection of stunning lingerie sets with her.  A milestone for us too as this was the last shoot with the trusty Nikon D2x. Sadly we understand that Distania has retired from modelling so with this set we pay her a lasting tribute. The 400 + images of Distania in Volume 3 will be uploaded later this week.



We have just completed a lovely shoot with Penny.  Penny has appeared in many top shelf publications in the UK and indeed worldwide.  One of our members suggested we arranged a shoot with her.  We were delighted with the recommendation and the results. In the shot below Penny wears a grey angora cardigan and some matching grey wool legwarmers.