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Monthly Archives: Jul 2016

Here Comes Theresa

Eagerly awaited Theresa brings up our 19,000th image.  We will never forget that big warm smile when we arrived  at her apartment, matched by her passion and enthusiasm during our shoo,t which clearly shows in the 375 images in the first volume. Theresa is the perfect complement to our site and we are sure she will become a members favourite.  Welcome Theresa !


Artemis & Rachelle

Following on from our sucessful shoots with Artemis and Tillie and our solo with Artemis, Artemis suggested we shoot with her and Rachelle.  It would have been silly to decline the offer ! Its difficult to describe in words so we will let the pictures do the talking.  In the image below, both models try out some super soft white angora sweaters.  Images from this shoot will be uploaded early in 2017.