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Monthly Archives: Mar 2016

Cyber Attacks & Bugs !

Members may have noticed a loss of functionality over the past few days, for which we apologise.  The site appears to have been recently attacked with images being taken illegally. To counter this we have installed anti theft software but it has been installed with limited success i.e. access to the enlarged images in the members section is not available or plastered with a watermark!.  Our Webmaster is resolving this over the next few days so we should be back to normal fairly soon i.e. access to zoomable images without watermarks.  We have also noticed the varying quality of image displays.  We find that access via Mozilla Firefox displays the images better than other browsers (Google Chrome & Internet Explorer).  We will look into this and let you know the outcome.  We are also be improving the linking from the front page to the members galleries for easier navigation, particularly those who use hand held devices.

Anyway enough of the geeky stuff...the much awaited Anastasia will be going us at the end of this week.  Our bustiest and most raunchy shoot to date !