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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Catching Kayla

It seems ages that we had our shoot with the stunningly beautiful Kayla in her London apartment. As you can see, her flawless natural complexion was matched by lovely seductive sensual poses. We started the shoot with natural light and then moved on to using studio lights for a more traditional glamour shoot. We are planning to shoot her again later this year as she was such a joy to work with. She was as bowled over by the images as we are ! Join us as a member to access over 380 images. kayla joins us later this week.


Super soft and fluffy with Joanna

Joanna joined us for a fantastic shoot this week. She was over here modelling from her native Poland. We leapt and the chance to shoot her. Taking time to get the shoot just right, Joanna opted for some Vintage Angora cardigans, a long boyfriend Lambswool and back to the super soft Cashmere red worn below. "They are just so soft" she said. They certainly suited her. Joanna will be uploaded just before the end of the year.