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Monthly Archives: Feb 2015

Katie Lou Shoot

We have just completed a very successful shoot with the beautiful Katie Lou. We were having all sorts of problems with our lighting during the shoot, Katie remained as professional and patient as ever as we were trying to get the lights to work properly. We have no doubt she will receive the usual positive reception when we upload the photos later this year. A big thank you Katie.


Distania Returns

Way back in November 2013, we called up a favourite of ours.  Distania met us in London for our second shoot with her.  She really is a gem. Lots of seductive and sensual poses, Distania has an equally charming personality matching her uniquely stunning good looks.  We will be uploading Volume 2  at the end of this week.  Members will have access to a collection of close-ups, abstracts and black and white photos highlighting her outstanding natural beauty.