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Monthly Archives: Sep 2014

Cardiganlover – A Big Thankyou !

Members may have seen a message exchange earlier this year between us and Cardiganlover who offered us some lovely Cardigans from his collection.  These ranged from some very beautiful vintage Angora ones and a variety off Cashmere cardigans.  Arrangements were made and Cardiganlover shipped them to us.  We were knocked over !  We took advantage of Alex who had been sitting on our shoot list and was modelling nearby. She worked  wonders.  The images from the shoot will be released next year.  I think you will join us, thanking Cardiganlover for his very generous loan of these beautiful is Alex



Janna Volume 2 Uploaded

We asked you in the forums a few months back who you would like to see again, offering Distania, Emma or Janna.  Janna received the most requests so these have been uploaded today.  Janna really understands the fascination of lovely soft wool.  Here she gets all a bit tied up by her master.  There are some lovely close up and abstracts showing just how beautiful Janna is wearing lovely Cashmere. Members have access to over 330 images....enjoy !